Electronics Programs


Electronics Programs

Computer Components and Peripherals

  • Conducted an analysis of transformers and uninterrupted power supplies used in office and computer room environments. An assessment of competitive position and likely channels of distribution was made to establish entry strategy for a new line of products.
  • Evaluated the market for microcomputer – modem products within the large user. This program evaluated the present and expected usage level of modems for microcomputers; expected changes in technology – speed rates, protocols; competitive practices and apparent strategies. The study results assisted the client in finalizing product development plans and marketing channel decisions.
  • Conducted an analysis of the intelligent data entry terminal market, providing the client with information and recommendations related to growth opportunities. The size and growth of the market were evaluated; relevant segments of the market identified and a strategy for entering segments of best opportunity were recommended.
  • Evaluation of marketing opportunities in the data processing and word processing peripherals and supplies market. The study assessed the changing structure of distribution for selected peripheral and supply products.
  • Conducted an analysis of opportunities in the disk drive market for electronically commutated motors (ECMs) and linear motors, as potential new technology opportunities for a U.S. client having proprietary technology as well as established presence in the disk drive area.
  • Directed a two-part strategic planning study for a manufacturer of programmable controllers. The initial study focused on establishing the overall size of the market as well as defining segments and size, estimating five year growth, analyzing the future trends in product technology and developing competitive positions and likely strategies for the future. The second study focused on providing specific product/market strategies.

POS and Credit Authorization

  • Evaluated POS Terminals and EFT trends within various market segments including restaurant /hotel, gas station, supermarket, convenience stores and others. These programs examined product developments and necessary entry factors for an international electronics company.
  • Analyzed the channels of distribution for credit authorization terminals utilized in a variety of retail applications.
  • Guided international terminal manufacturer in the design of point-of-sale terminals for the fast food market.
  • Evaluated POS Terminals and EFT trends, product development and entry factors within various market segments including restaurant/hotel, gas station, supermarket, convenience stores and others for an international electronics company.
  • Analyzed the requirements for card reader components among a series of EFT market segments from mature (ATM) to emerging (vending).

Electrical and Electronic Related

  • Directed a preliminary analysis of the market for optical pattern recognition for a manufacturer of controls and instruments. The study program focused on testing and identifying the possible potential for such a product.
  • Provided a major screening analysis of the U.S. market for motors and controls, including all computer and peripheral market segments. Study resulted in selection of three prime opportunity areas for client’s potential entry.
  • Directed a study program to analyze various product concepts within the market for service test equipment and instrumentation. This study evaluated the demand for specific hardware and service relative to field test equipment in electronics-related markets.
  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of an acquisition candidate within the electric motor industry. Study focus was upon specific market niches in which the candidate had a meaningful share position.
  • Established a single price-discount curve for a manufacturer of electronic instruments who sold through both stocking reps and distributors. The new price structure eliminated the excess commissions paid to reps and established a stepped discount structure to both stocking reps and distributors.
  • Studied the market for electrical heaters in Canada for a major supplier in this industry. The study dealt with future growth of electric heaters in new and existing dwellings as well as possible distribution strategies.
  • Analyzed the market for various types of electrical products within Australia. This study focused upon eight specific electrical product categories that are used within commercial and residential buildings as well as industrial construction. The study examined past and future product growth, distribution channels and share position of domestic and global competitors.
  • Analyzed the market for various types of electrical products used within commercial and residential building construction within the Republic of Mexico. This study examined product markets, distribution channels and competitive position within this foreign arena.
  • Conducted an analysis of the U.S. market for traffic monitoring equipment for a major European instrument company.

Distribution and Service Related

  • Conducted a multi-client study of the distribution channels for microcomputers and related peripherals used in business applications. The program detailed small, medium and large user sourcing practices; channel/ supplier evaluation criteria; analysis of alternative distribution channels, their strengths /limitations for manufacturers of computer products.
  • Evaluated the industrial electronic distributor as a viable channel for marketing microcomputers and terminal products.
  • Conducted a comprehensive planning program for a major Fortune 100 company, evaluating the office supplies market for entry. This study analyzed various groups of office supply products, alternative distribution channels utilized within the market and certain specific supply producing companies. The study focused on alternative methods of entry, likely risks and rewards within a ten-year time frame.
  • Developed an analysis of the U.S. market for dry toner used in plain paper copiers and other items within the graphic arts industry.
  • Conducted an analysis of independent distribution channels for personal computers for a major manufacturer of computers. This study focused on identifying the key factors in successfully positioning product, brand identity, service and other factors with third party organizations.

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